Lavender Wedding Invitations and Stationery

When Liz and Nick asked if I could do the save the dates for their wedding, I said yes! First, we wanted to create a monogram with their names. They showed me some doodles which helped me to see what they were after..

Custom wedding monogram for the lovely couple.

Next, Liz and Nick sent me a passport photo strip of themselves holding letters that form the words Save the Date – such a lovely idea! They wanted to have them printed on magnet paper. Recycled paper, hand written fonts and lavenders – all in lovely vintage spirit. I sent them a few designs and they picked this one. It was my favourite too!

Custom vintage lavender themed save the date cards on recycled cardstock and passport style fridge magnets. Note the rounded corners – do you agree it adds a nice finishing touch?

I think they were quite pleased with it because they asked me if I could do their wedding invitations too! They knew what they wanted: gatefold invitations and wired lavender ribbons.

Personalised vintage lavender wedding invitations on recycled card. These gatefold cards were completed with wired ribbon.

My husband Lee helped by cutting the ribbons which I carefully tied into bows. Tedious work and very satisfying!

Vintage style lavender wedding invitations on recycled card. Love all those fonts!

Matching vintage RSVP cards on recycled cardstock. Note the rounded corners. RSVP envelopes were stamped and self addressed.

Then, Nick and Lizzie asked if I could do some more work. They wanted to name each table after a flower with the main table being of course, Lavender. Others were Rose, Foxglove, Buttercup, Daisy, Lilac, Primrose, Poppy and Pansy. I made table plans, table names and table place cards, and also the Order of the Day leaflets.

Wedding table plans.

Custom botanical vintage wedding table plan cards on recycled cardstock.


Custom botanical  vintage wedding table names on recycled cardstock. Lavender, lilac, poppy, pansy, primrose, foxglove, buttercup, daisy and rose - all in perfect harmony.


Custom botanical vintage wedding table name cards on recycled cardstock. Relaxed yet sophisticated!


Custom vintage wedding Order of the Day leaflets on recycled cardstock.

Custom  botanical vintage wedding Order of the Day leaflets on recycled cardstock. All those flowers together make such a lovely garden. I  totally had to add butterflies!

I forgot to take a pic of the amazing table plan box at the wedding (dang!), but luckily Steve, the wedding photographer did! The Moat House also has a pic on their Facebook page.


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