Olympus OM-1 & Lomography 400

I travel a lot for my work and often see things I’d love to photograph. My Canon EOS-3 is too big to carry around so I decided that I needed another film camera. After some tedious research I came into a conclusion that an Olympus OM-1 would be a perfect companion for me. It looks lovely, like a proper camera, and according to many, many reviews, is still one of the best small size film SLR cameras around. I purchased it from SE Cameras in Manchester via eBay and couldn’t wait for the little beauty to arrive! When I finally received it, I realised that I needed a leather case to stop the camera from taking pictures of the insides of my handbag. A gorgeous, rare light brown leather case appeared on my eBay feed – an opportunity not to be missed! Dave’s Classic Cameras¬†promptly dispatched the case to me. All I needed was an iMO camera strap from my favourite Etsy shop and ta da! Here’s my new travel buddy.

My Olympus OM-1, all dolled up.

I had some Lomography 400 film which is cheaper than the film I usually shoot – perfect for testing out this camera. I went to the woods nearby and our cats joined me. The results were not bad at all! I used a light meter and metered for the shadows.

Look at that pearly bokeh in the background - loooove. It's a Zuiko 50mm F/1.8 lens.


There's no AF in OM-1 - it's quite a challenge to get it right! Ah those willows.


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