Tutorial: How to Make Your Own Professional DIY Business Cards

I had so much fun making my own DIY business cards that I thought I’d show you how! You need:

  • Colour printer
  • Cutting knife
  • Cutting mat
  • Ruler
  • A4 card. Make sure it has a nice thickness for a professional feel, but not too thick because your printer might not be able  to handle it. Mine is 100% recycled card, 270 gsm in weight. (Tip: I do all my card, paper and envelope shopping at eco-craft which is a local Lancashire business supplying and manufacturing environmentally friendly card and paper stock. Their prices are awesome!)
  • Corner Punch. Mine is by Xcut and cost about £6 on Amazon, click here for a direct link. It gives your business cards a really professional finish! Please note it comes in two sizes: L is for larger cards and S is perfect for business cards.

1. Design Your Business Card

I used Photoshop and created mine in 85 mm x 55 mm (300 pixel/centimeter) – that’s the size of a standard credit card which means it will slip in anyone’s wallet easily! You can see I added a grey line at the right edge of my business card – this is to help me with cutting later on. You may need to add edges all around your business card, depending on your design. Just make sure they are not too dark and thick as it will make your business card look like it was printed at home (!). Save it as a JPG file.


2. Design Your Background

Why leave the back of your business card blank when you can have some fun? Create an A4 (210 mm x 297 mm, 300 pixel/centimeter) and decide what you want the back of your business card to look like. You can make it a single colour, or put a picture or a pattern overlay on it like I did – gotta love polka dots! You could have a different background for every batch, and ask your customers to pick the one that they like!

Now, put your A4 card in your printer’s rear tray and click that print button.




3. Prepare the Template

Let’s open Microsoft Publisher which is great for printing out multiple business cards on one A4 sheet. This part can be quite complicated so I’m going to share my Publisher template with you – click here to download it! Credit to my clever husband Lee who helped me with this.

Open my template. Remove my business card and replace it with yours (Insert –> Picture). Make sure you stretch your business card neatly from edge to edge.

(Note that this template is perfect for 50 mm x 55 mm business cards. If yours is a different size then this is not gonna work for you. You can however tweak the settings here: Page Design –> Size –> Page Setup. Change the Width and Height settings to match your business card size.)


4. Print your Business Cards

Remember the background you just printed? Turn it upside down and put back in your printer’s rear tray. Print your Publisher file.




5. Cut, Cut, Cut

Yay! Now, let’s start cutting! Cut the long edges of your business card first and short edges second – I’ve noticed it’s much easier this way.


6. That Professional Finish

This is my favourite part – punching the corners! Of course, you don’t have to do this. But be warned: once you do, you will want to punch everything!



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